We are pleased to introduce a revolutionary Air-Freshening and Malodors Control System for Public and Commercial Environments. Click for video

 Capscents Fragrance     Because First Impressions Count!

Our range of Capscents fragrances eliminates unpleasant surface and airborne odors. Your customers’ journey from initial interest right though to signing that deal or buying your product is an important one, and a process that you endeavor to influence in a positive way. Whether you have substantial traffic in your retail space, a team of employees in a corporate setting, or a production facility, we have a fragrance that will work for you!

Our fragrances are a specially formulated liquid containing tiny micro-capsules invisible to the human eye. Capsules gently settle on surfaces such as fixtures and furniture, floor and curtains and are designed to quietly and continuously evaporate into the air. Capscents is available in a variety of fragrances from Oriental to Aqua Fresh with 7 types available to cater to particular environments.

Capscents cool refreshing fragrances invigorate the senses and enhance the indoor atmosphere.

Key Benefits:

• Stimulates the power of the mind

• Consistent Delivery

• Long-lasting effect

• Releases strong noticeable aroma giving a burst of freshness

Ideal for use in Hotels, Mosques, Cinema Theatre, Corporate offices, Transportation, Hospitals


Capscents Plus    Ensures Cleanliness!

A non-capsulated anti-bacterial agent. Kills 99.9% of bacteria & viruses. It is recommended for use as part of the cleaning process to provide an extra barrier against the spread of germs and infection.


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