Scents & Co. LLC was established in 2001 as a distributor for Symrise, the leading global creator of Flavours, Fragrances, Cosmetic and Aroma Ingredients. As their chosen partner in the Middle East region, we distribute high quality Fragrances, Cosmetic Ingredients, Botanical Extracts, Sunscreen Agents and Air Fresheners.

We offer a harmonious blend of natural essential oils and authentic aromatic products catering to the needs of our customers. Our Fine Fragrances, Cosmetics and Household materials are tried and trusted by leading global brands.

We operate from Dubai, United Arab Emirates which is a central hub enabling the delivery of our high quality products to customers in the GCC region.  A deep understanding of local consumer preferences and high level of service expertise are major factors in our competitive strength.

We have a structured entrepreneurial culture that allows our employees to develop and express their creativity in ways that meet the needs of our customers as they build their local and global brands.. Today’s consumer is demanding more in terms of originality and quality. Scents and Co are delighted to be a strong player in this ever-evolving market.