Life Essentials

Beauty and health maintenance through the use of innovative cosmetic ingredients and UV filters.


Most of the active ingredients are based on natural raw materials for anti-aging, anti-irritant, sensitive skin, anti-microbials, skin whitenening and sensates.


We offer an extensive portfolio of UV filters, crucial elements in today‘s skincare products. They comprise UVB and UVA filters and pigments such as zinc oxide to formulate modern and innovative sunscreen which protects skin from harmful rays that cause photo-aging. Our range of UV filters are also incorporated into daily use moisturisers for continuous UV protection.


Our botanical range are made using pure and natural ingredients, carefully selected to utilize the beneficial properties of plants. The popularity of plant extracts is growing strongly in the consumer market due to demand for natural ingredients. We represent a perfect combination of traditional values and modern science with the development of new, innovative plant extracts based on advanced formulations and creative fragrance ideas. Recent product launches, such as “Superfruits” and “Healthy Grains”, can be used in the cosmetics industry in countless ways and have been hugely successful.


Functionals help in reaching the desired consistency of a product‘s application properties. Emollients for the skin deliver smoothing, softening and moisturizing properties due to lipids covering the surface of the skin and regulating its moisture content.

We also offer a range of specialized Emulsifiers/Solubilizers.