Scents & Co has a distinguished fragrance heritage, having created many perfume classics, best sellers and industry award winners throughout a history that spans over a century.

Fine fragrance perfumery is the art that is at the heart of our business. Translating the aspirations and glamour of prestige, designer and celebrity brands into fragrance requires an olfactive artist. Givaudan combines the artist with expert market and consumer understanding to create fragrances with sustainable appeal.

Exquisite ingredients, natural and synthetic, inspire our perfumers so our sourcing programmes are dedicated to finding the very best. We are passionate about preserving the craft we have inherited.

The fine fragrance studios are in the fashion centres of Paris and New York, as well as in São Paulo. The teams here work with fashion houses, beauty companies, fashion designers, celebrities, lifestyle brands, and specialty retailers. Trend connoisseurs translate the moment into a fragrance. Givaudan’s perfumery team is the largest in the industry and continues to grow via the renown Givaudan Perfumery School, where aspiring perfumers experience a one-of-a-kind apprenticeship and clients and journalists are tutored.