Fragrances that appeal to the senses are key components in personal and household products. A fragrance adapted to the product type will enhance the consumer experience whether it’s a body lotion with a freshness which lingers for hours, or a furniture polish containing an uplifting scent.

Scents & Co is a global supplier of fragrance raw materials. Our fragrances are a key component in many of the world’s finest perfumes and best-known consumer product brands including beauty, fabric, home and personal care. A fine fragrance evokes the senses in a way that brings pleasure, enjoyment and serenity.

As distributors for Symrise AG, a leading international player, we are committed to representing them to the highest degree as a fragrance house, an established supplier of distinctive and exquisite scents. As a result we are proud to offer a sophisticated range of coverted fine fragrances which are sold in the finest retailers across the region. We supply French & Oriental fragrance materials that deliver superior properties and enhanced performance according to the customer’s needs. In addition to perfume oils, Symrise develops specific application systems and technologies for hypoallergenic fragrance formulations and for masking unwanted smells.